v. Brovarky. Christmas Virgin Church

Stone Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the village. Brovarky was built in 1810 and consecrated on September 21 of that year. In 1876 it was added masonry tower.
In 1890, the manor had 3 acres and 33 acres of the District (the church) of land was home to a priest, acting parish schools.
In 1895 the church was coming in 2426 souls. Klirova book Poltava Eparchy for 1902: "In Brovarkah Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, stone, wooden bell tower on a stone foundation, consecrated 8th September (21 September) in 1810. When the church - library in the parish - school diplomas. Prikhozhan - 1054 males and 1055 - women. Before joining the farm are Pokotylivka and Petrashivka. Priest - Tikhon F. Hvozdevych, cantor - Fyodor Pavlovich Stasevskyy and Makarios Rossinski Constantine Pavlovich, churchwarden - Cossack Fyodor Romenskyi. "